Beallara Lunatic Fringe ‘Blissful’

8AE0FF21534E4FC2BE35779FD37240F7I initially thought that this plant was a Beallara Marfitch ‘Howard’s Dream’.  I am really not sure.  We got this orchid from Green Acres Nursery (Sacramento) in March, and it did not look good when we got it in the house.  However, it brightened up, and did really well.  We liked it a lot.

HowardsDreamAfter the blooms had faded, I repotted the orchid in S/H.  However, most of the media it was in (small bark) had rotted, and the plant had few good roots.  It is now struggling to survive, and I have it on an upper shelf in the orchid room.  [This picture was taken of the last bloom on the plant.  It was fading fast at this time.]  It has one new growth coming.  We’ll see if it can make it.

Odnt-94-Bllra-Lunatic-Fringe-BlissfulAfter searching the net for some time, I came across this picture on the homepage of Akatsuka Orchids.  It must be the same plant — or very near it.  I will now assume that it is a Beallara Lunatic Fringe ‘Blissful’.

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