Building the Orchid Room — Step III

OrchidRoomUnfortunately, there was not enough light in the orchid room.  These houses in Village Homes were so well designed that very little light got into the room in the spring and summer months.

Therefore, we decided to put in skylights in this room, and I constructed an additional layer of shelves.  This gave us room for approximately 75 orchids (I don’t have that many yet.).  In addition, we can install pipes across the top of the room where we can hang some plants.  These would have the most light with the new skylights.

The blue containers on the right contain pure water, water with MSU fertilizer and water with MSU and Kelpmax.  I purchased an portable RO water system, and the plants have responded very well with this water.  [The Davis water is crap.  Contains over 1000 ppm disolved solids.  The RO system produces water with a maximum of 20 ppm.]

The device under the counters on the left is our new evaporative cooler.  I had to do some “fixing” on this, but it now works well.

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