Dendrobium Aussie Artist

FullSizeRenderI have been looking over Aussie Dendrobiums for some time.  They are generally cooler dendrobiums, and have long inflorences covered with purple, white or yellow flowers.  I have had trouble finding them in the states — Australian orchid vendors have tons of them — but finally found them at Sunset Valley Orchids, where Fred Clarke has been breeding them for a couple of years.  This is a picture of my Dendrobium Aussie Artist, which is a cross between Den. Cobber ‘Violet Gold’ and Den.
speciosum v. curvicaule ‘Daylight Moon’ FCC/AOC. This orchid should have yellow flowers tinged with purple.

These are some of the hardiest orchids.  They tolerate temperatures from 32-90 degrees, and thrive in bright light (like under 60% shade cloth).  The American Orchid Society says:

A preferred aim is to promote maximum growth over summer and autumn by repotting or dividing as soon as flowering has finished and regular watering. This will achieve early growth and full pseudobulb growth by the end of the warmer period, maximizing light and reducing water as the weather cools in order to harden plants. In winter racemes begin to form when plants show little growth activity. Plants should be watered when dry and watch for pests attacking emerging racemes. This is a very hardy species and does best when left alone after initial basic care has been provided.

Fred sent me two of them.  Since they are from seed, they will be slightly different.  It will be interesting to see.

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