Grammatophyllum scriptum var. kiilani


This is -the- picture of Grammatophyllum Scriptum var. Kiilani, that appears on the web.

I always wanted to have a Grammatophyllum Scriptum.  I think that the flowers look great, and the plant has a good look to it.  However, when visiting Tom Perlite at Golden Gate Orchids, I noticed a Grammatophyllum in his greenhouse, and it was about six feet tall.  It turns out that it is the largest orchid in the species, and totally unacceptable for my small orchid room.

Somewhat later, I found Grammatophyllum Scriptum var. Kiilani, a miniature version of the large orchid, and I started looking for one right away.  I found one on eBay and ordered it on May 22 from peaandshel.  They seem to need the same culture as the larger Grammatophyllum Scriptum, intermediate to warm temperatures (but can take cold down to freezing for a limited time), morning and afternoon sun, and water as we would with other S/H plants.  Most people say that this plant grows vigorously, with blooming possible most of the year.

IMG_0676My little Grammatophyllum Scriptum var. Kiilani, had a single spike and a few buds when it was delivered, and I repotted it right away.  The buds started looking weak, and two started to fall off, so I cut off the spike, and put the plant on my top shelf of the orchid room.  It now looks better, and has just developed a new spike.

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2 Responses to Grammatophyllum scriptum var. kiilani

  1. Adyasha Mohapatra says:

    Hi… Updates about your gram please.. Plus what is the blooming season..? I currently have one in semihydroponics.. Just received a month back.. I can already see two new growths but unfortunately the plant has lost most of its roots.


    • kennethijoy says:

      Unfortunately, my Kiilani didn’t make it. It was planted in semi-hydro, spiked a couple of times, but each time the spikes never came to bloom. I don’t know that semi-hydro is the right media here. I have had salts build up in the media very quickly, and I have to make sure to continually flush the pot.


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