Psychopsis Mendenhall

1F0371C0E5454AFA8E90ABE901DE3AFA E5C63837DACC415688E8FEDE4909C86BI picked up a Psychposis Mendenhall at the Sacramento Orchid Show on April 19, 2015.  I don’t remember the vendor.  I paid a good price for this one.  It came with four spikes, and looked pretty good.  I broke off one spike getting it to Davis, and repotted it into S/H right after I got home.

One of the spikes bloomed with a very nice bloom, but the other two have not.  The plant struggled with the move to S/H, and I think that the bloomed spike and one of the others has died.  However, the plant is drinking a lot of water, increasingly over the past month.

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