Lc. Gold Digger ‘O Glades Mandarin’

 This is Lc. Gold Digger ‘O Glades Mandarin’.  I got it from eBay through vendor orchidtn in the same order with my Dendrobium Yellow Magic ‘Festival’ which I have written about previously.  It was listed as “overgrown”.  When it arrived, it had clearly grown out of its pot, with lots of air roots from the latest pseudobulbs.  I tried to put it into S/H, but it didn’t work — it was too big!

I decided to divide it into two portions.  This is the bigger one with 10 pseudobulbs, and the smaller one has five.  The smaller one was potted well, and has been in the same spot since I repotted in at the end of February.  It is now in sheath (with a beautiful sheath).

This one was not potted well in S/H and I dumped it over almost immediately, because it was overbalanced.  After getting it back into the pot, in late May, it started to produce a new pseudobulb.  Amy, unfortunately, dumped it over again in early June, when we were in Europe, and broke off the new pseudobulb.  Haley dumped it over again this last Friday.


Lc. Gold Digger — the smaller division. Notice the great sheath on the new pseudobulb.

After the latest dumping episode, I repotted the plant and staked it so that it was well balanced.  It has three new pseudobulbs coming (one can be seen just behind the tag, and the others are on the opposite side).  The new pseudobulb on the right is the other eye on the side where Amy broke off the pseudobulb.

This plant is sitting on the second row in the south facing window, so it gets light from both the south window and the skylights.  The smaller division is on the first row in the west facing window, so it gets skylight and late afternoon sun.

So I am happy with the plant.  It looks like I may get flowers from the smaller portion first, but this one is happily growing.

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