Liparis Viridiflora

LiparisViridifloraI found this picture of Liparis Viridiflora online, and it piqued my interest in this orchid.  It is evidently a winter bloomer, producing pseudobulbs and sheaths throughout the year, and then blooming at one time.  It was different than the other orchids I had acquired, and so I ordered one over eBay (vendor:exoticorchidspr), and it arrived Thursday. July 2, 2015.  Carrie, next door, picked it up for me, and I received it on Monday, July 6.

Culture says this is an orchid that does best in a warm to cool environment.  Filtered diffuse light is best, with constant air movement and high humidity.  It says to fertilize at half the rate in the winter months.

I let it sit for a few days, and repotted it this morning.  The roots are very thin, and I tried to be careful with the inert media not to crush the roots.  I have this orchid on my top shelf on the south side.  It gets light indirectly from the skylights.  Here’s hoping it does well.


Liparis Viridiflora as delivered.


Liparis Viridiflora in S/H

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