The benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water


A noID Phalaenopsis with four visible roots growing. It actually had eight roots. I replanted it so that the roots/stem sat lower in the pot, and the roots have continued to grow.

When I started an orchid hobby, I knew that I could not use Davis water.  The water here contains 1000 ppm dissolved solids, and we have known for years that this severely limits our plants.  I initially decided to use Whitehawk Ranch water from the mountains, where they do not put chemicals in the irrigation water.  However, I found that this also had too many minerals in the water, and would restrict my plant growth.

So I purchased a Reverse Osmosis Portable System from, and I try to use it on the Whitehawk water, trucking the water back to Davis.  I also have used it on the Davis water when necessary.  When I started using this water, the plants responded immediately, and I noticed much better root growth.  I also started using KelpMax with my MSU fertilizer, and this seemed to also prompt the plants to grow roots.

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