Monday Morning Bath

I give my orchids a “bath” on Mondays, where I fill all the S/H containers to the brim and let them drain.  This is part of the semi-hydro culture, where the plant is watered, and the “poisons” that collect in the bottom are allowed to drain out.  In the summer, I also water on Thursdays (or Fridays) as they drink so much, but don’t fill the entire container.  The bath day enables me to examine the plants, enjoy the new growth on some, and prune off the dead stuff on others.

Today I tossed two plants.  One I purchased for $6.50 on eBay from sekmet44, and probably won’t purchase from this vendor again.  The plant came very dry, and buggy.  Portions kept dying, and I was down to one bulb only.  It was an ‘Uptown Girl’ Odontoglossom hybrid.

The second plant was a Masdevallia Hampshire Prolific which I also purchased from eBay (vendor:braxton85).  It arrived in a small envelope, a five-leaf snip of a larger plant, completely dried out in spagnum moss.  No roots.  It had no chance.  However, I like the plant, and found another vendor that delivers a complete plant.  I’ll probably order another.

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