Zygopetalum Advance Austrailia HOF/AM/AOS

 This is my small zygopetalum.  I purchased this from Gold Country Orchids at the San Jose Orchid Show.  It was in spike, and I repotted it right away into S/H.

Almost immediately, the spike turned black and died, and a leaf did the same.  This was when I was building the orchid room and all the plants were stored in the office.  I immediately cut off the spike, and worried that the plant was diseased.

Searching on the internet, I discovered that these plants are finicky, and when disturbed, they complain.  I took this as a severe complaint from the plant, put it on the upper shelf of the orchid room, and watered it regularly.  This morning I discovered a new bud emerging.  Woo Hoo!

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