Catasetum Denticulatum

 I ordered this Catasetum Denticulatum from Sunset Valley Orchids and received it the last week in June.  It is a cross between two SVO Catasetinae:  Ctsm. denticulatum ‘SVO II’ AM/AOS and Ctsm. denticulatum
‘SVO’ AM/AOS, both award winners.  It has the usual catasetinae culture, but I can’t repot it into S/H until it finishes blooming.

It did come with an inflorence coming, but the inflorence did not survive the shipping.  According to the SVO description [emphasis is mine]:

Both parents are excellent growers and flower 3-4 times a year as mature plants.  Ctsm. denticulatum likes to stay warm in winter, with minimum temperatures of 60-65 oF and humidity at 70 % or higher.

So I should get another inflorence this year.  I’ll see if I can keep the humidity high in winter.

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