Cl Grace Dunn ‘Live Oak’ x Morm. Buccinator HCC/AOS  v. ‘Golden Green’

 This was a free gift from Sunset Valley Orchids (SVO) when I ordered my Frilly Doris on April 21, 2015.  I repotted it into S/H right away.

Grace Dunn is a Clowesia Hybrid, and is crossed with a Mormodia.  They have the same culture as any Catasetinae.  Clowesia and Mormodia flowers have both male and female parts, unlike Catasetum which have flowers of each sex.  Like other Catasetinae they have both a growth and dormant period.

I have no idea what this will look like.  I’m guessing yellow-ish flowers.

It has a new growth at the base.  Probably not a flower, but a new pseudobulb coming.  We’ll see.

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