Mystacidium Capense

 This is my little Mystacidium Capense.  I purchased this from Gold Country Orchids at the San Jose Orchid show.  It was in bloom when I purchased it, but lost its blooms almost immediately when repotted into S/H.  It should remain small in height.  I found this quote from about the care [emphasis is mine]:

Mystacidium Capense is a compact Angraecoid species from South Africa that is found in shady evergreen forests, at low elevations. It is a warm to hot growing species that tolerates cooler temps in winter. Numerous inflorescences with multitudes of white flowers will form on mature plants – large specimens will often produce flowers enough to almost entirely obscure the leaves beneath.

Thus, it should remain high in my orchid room to get the best warmth and not get direct sun.  I look forward to getting the flowers again.


The white flowers on mystacidium capense.

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