Angraecum Distichum

 I purchased this Angraecum Distichum from SLO Orchids, along with my Dendrobium Unicum.  It has not done well in S/H.  It has very thin roots that don’t like to be disturbed — and I really disturbed them by planting this in S/H.  I would like to replant it and make it lower in the pot (cutting off some of the dead roots), but am not able to do it.  The plant keeps browning at the base, and I am worried that I won’t have it for long.

Angraecum Distichum gets by very well in low light; even in a medium shade.  It does very well when sitting in a north facing window or on a table in an area that receives north light.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.53.34 PM

This is a specimen example of Angraecum Distichum

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