Den. Victoria-Reginae 4N strain (Victoria-Reginae ‘ Royal Blue’ AM/AOS x Victoria-Reginae ‘ Golden Gate’ AM/AOS)

 I purchased this Dendrobium Victoriae-Reginae from on June 7th.  I had decided to get a Victoriae-Reginae after I had seen Tom Perlite’s plants at Golden Gate Orchids.  By the time I wanted to purchase it however, Tom only had his select divisions available, and I decided to see if I could find it at the San Jose Orchid Exposition.  There I found that Tom had sold his inventory, and these orchids were essentially gone.  I found it online at, and purchased the plant. (This plant is a cross between two Victoria-Reginae, one being Tom’s Golden Gate version.)

Victoriae-Reginae usually grows in a pendant manner, where the stalks do not have the strength to stand on their own, and they grow downward toward the ground.  I wanted my plant to be pendant, and planted it so that it hung down.  I will be careful in that it may draw the roots out of the pot, but right now it is OK.

This is also my first 4N strain, which sometimes implies a very healthy plant.

It is sitting on the top shelf of the orchid room, on the west side, and will probably remain there

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.14.46 PM

What the flowers should look like on Dendrobium Victoria-Reginae


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