An Automatic Watering System for the Orchid Room

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 5.37.38 PMI have been slowly working on ideas for an automatic watering system for the orchid room.  It takes me about 90 minutes to water the orchids in the sink now, and it will only take longer as I get more of them.  In the summertime, many of the orchids want to be watered every third day — especially the oncidiums and masdevallias.  In addition, I think the orchids will be healthier if they are not moved.

I am thinking of a Chris-Johnson-type system that injects water into each pot, and allows the excess water to drain to a central drain.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a greenhouse, where the excess can go on the floor (and increase the humidity), so mine must be a foolproof contained system.

I have settled on a run-to-waste system.  Most hydrophonic systems for home use are focused on recycled water, but I don’t want to recycle the waste.  I am going to build a small system first to experiment with, and have purchased to trays 6″x44″x4″ that can form my leach trays of the system.

Several month project here, but should be fun.

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