Dendrochilum Wenzelii ‘Red’

 I purchased this Dendrochilum Wenzelii ‘Red’ from Brookside Orchids at Orchids in the Park in San Francisco.  I have been looking for a Dendrochilum casually and this one was fairly cheap ($15), and from a vendor I would like to support.  It looks like a good plant, and I will transplant it into S/H tomorrow.

According to Golden Gate Orchids:

Light:  Dendrochilums prefer very bright light just short of direct sunlight.  As a general guideline, the thinner the Dendrochilum leaf, the more sun the plant will tolerate.  As an example, Dendrochilum tenellum, with its grass-like foliage, can tolerate almost full sun.
Temperature:  Dendrochilums prefer intermediate to warm temperatures with maximum day temperatures between 75-85 degrees, and night minimums between 50-60.
Water:  Dendrochilums prefer to dry slightly between waterings.  During the spring and summer months the plants can be kept moist, and during the fall and winter they should be allowed to dry between waterings.

So this plant should be put in a spot where the sun can hit it during the day.  As bright as I can find in my orchid room.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 5.13.41 PMThis is a picture of the blooming potential of the plant.

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