Masdevallia Highland Monarch ‘Golden Sun’ AQ/AOS

 I purchased this Masdevallia Highland Monarch ‘Golden Sun’ AQ/AOS from the Orchid Zone at Orchids in the Park on July 25th in San Francisco.  I went to this show thinking I would purchase another of Tom Perlite’s Odontoglossom Hybrids, but even though they were beautiful, they were really large plants, and I have so many large things already.

So I settled for this plant.  It is also one of Tom’s orchids.  I will transplant it into S/H tomorrow.

From Golden Gate Orchid’s culture sheet:

Light:  Bright filtered light with no direct sun.  The leaves should be glossy and medium green in color, and should increase in size with each new leaf.  If the leaves are very dark green, the plant is not receiving enough light.  1000-1500 footcandles.
Temperature:  Masdevallias prefer cool temperatures, with good air movement.  Daytime temperatures should be between 70-75, with a maximum of  80 degrees.  Ideal nighttime temperature is between 45-55, with a minimum of 35 degrees.  Masdevallias can be grown outdoors in coastal California, but should be protected from very hot (over 80) and very cold (under 35 ) temperatures.
Water:  Masdevallias should be kept moist at all times, and never allowed to dry out.  Use a 20-20-20 fertilizer at one-half strength every two weeks, making sure the plants are wet before fertilizing.

I will put this plant with my other Masdevallias.

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