Ansellia Africana ‘Primero’ FCC/AOS x Ansellia Africana ‘Collete’ HCC/SAOC

 I purchased this Ansellia Africana from Cal Orchid at the Sacramento Orchid Show on April 19th.  I had almost finished buying plants, and while talking to their owner, James Rose, I showed interest in this plant.  He took my to the center of the room, where the orchid displays were, and showed me a mature Ansellia that he had raised.  It was huge (4′ tall) and beautiful, and I decided to purchase this plant immediately.

Ansellia Africana is an epiphyte, growing in trees, so is used to dappled light.  I requires a winter’s rest.

It had new growth when I purchased it, and it has continued to grow.  Below is a picture of the potential flowers.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 7.10.31 PM

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