Progress in the Orchid Room

Kiilani820It has been a good week in the orchid room.

  • I fixed a leak in one of my trays.  It wasn’t a big leak, but I re-caulked the inside, and now it doesn’t leak any longer.
  • Catasetum Frilly Doris has opened fully, and is in full bloom with four flowers.
  • Grammatophyllum scriptum var kiilani is in flower, but the flowers are opening very slowly.  Perhaps more light?
  • my Miltassia Shelob has bloomed out, and I have cut off the spikes.
  • Miltonia Kismet ‘Kind Kai’ is blooming well.  Most spikes have multiple blooms, but have “blasted” the buds at the end of each spike.  Perhaps it was my insecticidal soap the prompted the bud blast.
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