First use of Physan

Physan826Today was my first use of Physan, a fungicide that has many uses in the orchid room.  I mixed up a solution of 1 tsp per gallon of water and sprayed it on two of my orchids:

  • My Dendrobium Unicum, which has recently developed two new growths, but each has darkened regions on the leaves, and one had rotted at the base.
  • My Lc. Memoria Robert Strait ‘Blue Hawaii JC/AOS’, which had stalled in growing, and was showing some white scaling on the pseudobulbs.

I also used it as a soak for my new orchids, soaking in a Physan solution for 10 minutes after cleaning the roots, and before placing it in the S/H pot.

I then soaked the leftover LECA from my recently deceased Angraecum Distichum for about 30 minutes, so it could be reused.

I poured the remaining liquid into my trays, and let the system drain out.  I plan to put a weak Physan solution through my trays the first week of each month, to keep moss and mold from growing in the trays.

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