Skylight Covers Off

I took my skylight covers off today.  They were 60% shade cloth, and they did their job.  I did this for several reasons:

  • I have been looking at the plants that I have received in the mail, and the color of my leaves on my oncidiums, and determined that I needed to increase the light levels in the orchid room.
  • Because of the angle of the sun, only plants on a portion of the middle table were receiving direct sunlight, and only for a limited time.  As the summer wanes, the sun no longer hits these plants.
  • My Grammatophyllum  Scriptum var. Kiilani has bloomed twice, and each time the blooms did not fully open.  I also had a Ondontoglossom in the south window have the same problem (although these blooms finally opened).  This is frequently a “low light” problem, and I wanted to increase the light levels to compensate.

Now I will have the maximum light I can get.

This is an experiment, and I will monitor my plants to see if the light levels are too high.  The plants may have to be moved around a little, but I should have a variety of light levels in the room now.   I have ordered 30% shade cloth covers for my skylights, and they may eventually be necessary, for a couple of months in the summer season.

I will also have to monitor the temperature levels in the orchid room.  The 60% shade cloth was “aluminet” which reflects much of the sunlight (rather than absorbing it), and the room may heat up a bit.

We’ll see how it goes.

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