At the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate

 Edi and I drove down to the Santa Barbara orchid estate today.  Huge place!  I spent most of the first hour wandering through the non-temperature controlled greenhouse, looking at cimbidiums, laelias, and other very large outdoor-grown plants.  I then found the other greenhouses where the lands were that I could buy.
I purchased a lockhartia, a rossioglossom, a rynchostele, and a stargollis.  I’ll post pictures of them when we get back from vacation.

It was good to see all their specimen plants.  They had several growing on the trees and several in very large pots.  Their mounted collection was the best I have seen.  The mounted oncidiums were especially cool.  The following picture is of a blooming mounted oncidiums, where the pendulent spike was over three feet long.

One of the most interesting things about this place is the lack of media in their orchid pots.  Many of the plants (many specimens) were planted in two inch pots without media.  As they grew out of this pot, they were placed in a four inch pot, then a six-inch pot, then an eight-inch pot, etc.  The owner pulled a specimen miltonia out of its 12-inch pot, and it was only roots covering an eight-inch pot, which held other pots, etc.  He did say that they had fertilizer in the water.

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