Encyclia Mariae x sib

EncycliaMariae917bI purchased this Encyclia Mariae x sib from Rudy Bachmann at SLO Garden Orchids in my visit on September 13th.  As we were talking, he showed me this plant, and I thought the white flowers of this orchid were beautiful. I returned to this spot later and selected this plant, which is in bud.

Care:  [From orchidfetish.com]  These plants require a large amount of light. once established, filtered sunlight should be supplied. Both Epidendrum and Encyclia grow very well in a area with house screening overhead, such as a pool or patio enclosure. The ideal location is an east facing area, where the plants will get morning sun, but not the hot afternoon.  Place the Encyclia orchid in a window where it receives morning sunlight and partial afternoon shade. Too much light will burn the Encyclia orchid’s leaves, so avoid placing it in direct sunlight for many hours.

They like intermediate temperatures, well-drained planting media, and good humidity — so this plant should do well in my conditions.  It is my first encyclia, so we’ll see how it does.

A picture of the potential flowers is below:


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