Progress in the Orchid Room — returning from vacation

The orchid room survived our vacation well.  The plants were a little dry, and the humidity trays were dry — but that was it.  I lost two plants…

  • Ascocentrum Garayi, that I purchased from eBay vendor Kawamoto Orchids on March 1st.  This plant never did well in my environment, and has been dropping leaves for some time.  In a post-mortem, I noticed that it had not grown roots well.
  • Odontioda Durham River, that I purchased from Tom Perlite at Golden Gate Orchids on April 27th.  This had two new growths when I purchased it, but each one eventually died due to top rot.
    Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 6.35.33 PM
  • Masdevallia Hampshire Prolific.  I just received this plant in the mail, but when repotting noticed that it had virtually no good roots.  It starting losing leaves immediately, and died within two weeks.

Top rot seems to be a problem in my orchid room, as I have had a couple of plants that seemed susceptable to this.  I lost a Trader Joe’s Phalaenopsis today that I had replanted.  I need to look into this.

After coming back from vacation, I noticed that my Dendrobium Victoria Reginae still has bugs.  It has been sprayed again, and will remain in the bathroom until it is clear.

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