Rhynchostele Jungle Jingle (bictoniense x aptera)

Rhynchostele917I purchased this Rhynchostele Jungle Jingle (bictoniense x aptera) on my visit to the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate on September 12th.  When I first inquired about this orchid, they advised me not to purchase it, as it would not do well in my conditions (inside).  However, I believed differently, as we do not have typical indoor conditions in our orchid room — and I had traveled 350 miles to get this plant.

From the SBOE Website: 

Primary hybrid seedlings from the crossing of two showy, Mexican epiphytes: Rhynchosteles aptera and bictoniense. Most that have bloomed to date have been shades of pale jade-green patterned with darker markings of fawn to cocoa brown. Temperature Tolerant. June – July blooming.

I will put this in a lower light area, near a corner of the southwest window.  This is frequently an open window, and it should be the coolest part of the orchid room.

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