Stenoglottis Venus ‘Jamboree’

Stenoglottis917I purchased this Stenoglottis Venus ‘Jamboree’ on my visit to the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate on September 12th.  They had several stenoglottis (some specimen plants), and we thought that this one was best.

From SBOE website; This primary hybrid between two South African species, Stenoglottis fimbriata and Stenoglottis longifolia, produces the showiest flowers of the genus; when awarded this variety had over 160 flowers on just two stems! The petite flowers are a vibrant lilac-pink and bloom profusely along the main stem as a lacy plume. Because the flowers bloom sequentially the bloom season can be up to a month long. The leaves grow as a short rosette. Temperature Tolerant. September – November blooming.

From the First Nature Website: It is important to be aware that once the plant has flowered the leaves will die right down and then appear several months later ready for a new flowering season, so do not be alarmed at this stage and think that the entire plant has died. Just be patient and all will be well – new plants will emerge.

The best time to repot this plant is when new growth is just starting, so I will not put it into S/H until the spring.

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