Help from a 3D Printer

3dPrint1 I used the 3d printer at work yesterday and today to make two items that will improve operations in the orchid room.  The first is a screen for the 3/4″ PVC pipe that is used to drain the trays.  This nicely fits over the pipe and is clipped in by three “nubs” that grip the threads of the pipe.

3dPrint2The second is a prototype of a pot support that will keep the pots steadier in the gravel of the humidity trays.  I will rework this slightly, as the cylinders on the bottom are too short, and they need to be longer to get the supports above the gravel mix.  Otherwise the gravel clusters under the support, and makes the support unsteady.  A little more experimenting here…

I made 20 of the screens.  It takes about 15 minutes to make five of them.

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