The Orchid Zone

Yesterday, I visited the orchid zone, which is just outside Castroville. It is an amazing place, with over 250,000 orchids, and I had a very enjoyable two hours visiting it.

There were five or six major greenhouses in his operation:  one which held cattleyas and very large overgrown plants, one which held largely odontoglossom and oncidium hybrids, one which held masdevallias, one which held zygopetalums and Tom Perlite’s Odontoglossom breeding stock, and several that held phragmapediums and papheopetalums.  His speciality is clearly Paphs and Phrags, and he had several outstanding (and highly priced) examples.

I had a really good time exploring.  It probably wouldn’t be the best place for a cattleya specialist, but for odontoglossom, oncidium, and smaller plants, it was really good.

I purchased four plants

  • An Odontoglossom hybrid, similar to the plant we purchased from the Gren Acres Nursery — that we liked so much.
  • A Phragmapedium.  This is my first Phrag, a sequential bloomer, and really pretty.
  • A beautiful yellow papheopetalum, and
  • A white sarcochilus, which was the first time I had seen this orchid.

 I will have to return in the spring, when his odontoglossom hybrids are in bloom.  I should have a great choice.

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