Phragmipedium pearcei ‘Cloud’ x St Ouen ‘Sweet Blush’

 I purchased this Phragmipedium from The Orchid Zone on my visit there on Wednesday October 7th.  It is a beautiful plant, a sequential bloomer, with cream-colored pinkish flowers that are very soft.

The picture is of one of the blooms that had fallen off (It had two blooms, and I knocked off one in Monterey), and Haley had made a stem out of paper for it.  She is holding it up for me to photograph.

According to Ray Barkalow, Phrags can be moved into S/H at any time, and so I repotted it this morning.

Here’s hoping it will do well.

[November 20 — As an aside.  Evidently this Phragmapedium is not yet named.  It appeared on eBay tonight from letstalkplants vendor, and was listed as Orchid Zone Z5398.]

[December 16 — I found that this Phrag is actually Phragmipedium pearcei ‘Cloud’ x St Ouen ‘Sweet Blush’, and have updated the title of this post.]

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