Repotting my orchids

I repotted several orchids today.

  • Cattleya Lulu ‘Carmela’, which had suffered from too much fertilizer.  I asked Ray Barkalow about this over email, and he recommended repotting, rather than flushing.  So this orchid was repotted this morning.  Its roots were not good, and it may not survive.
  • Laeliocattleya Mem. Robert Strait ‘Blue Hawaii’ JC/AOS, which had also suffered from too much fertilizer.  I had used Florakleen on this orchid to see if there was any difference, but probably repotted too soon to see if the FloraKleen had any effect.  The roots on this plant were not good, but better than the Catlleya LuLu.
  • Encyclia Mariae x sib, which I had purchased from SLO Orchids on my visit there on September 13th.  The blooms on this orchid had died back (I am not sure if it was not because of a lag in watering, as it was sitting in a 2″ pot, and I did not water for over a week), so I repotted it into S/H this morning.

I also noticed that my Laelia Ipanema Beach is starting to get (what looks like) spider mites in the LECA pebbles.  I flushed with my Physan solution, and will keep an eye on this plant.

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