Angrecum Leonis x self

 I purchased this Angrecum Leonis x self from Hausermann Orchids in Chicago on Thursday, October 29th.  It was on their “in bud” display shelf, and had two flowers coming, as well as two primary divisions of the plant.  I will not repot it into S/H until the blooms fade, but have placed it into a decorative pot for now.

This is my first Angraecoid.  from the Asuka Orchid website: [my modifications] Most of them come mainly from Africa and Madagascar; the latter is home to most of the more showy species.  Most angraecoids grow well with 60- to 80-percent humidity and temperatures of 57 to 85oF.  Short periods of temperatures 10 degrees higher or lower are tolerated with little or no damage.  Most grow and flower reliably in 50- to 75-percent shade, and many flower under very shady conditions.

Some websites report that Leonis needs a slightly warmer temperature and slightly more light, but I will put this on my central table and see how it does.

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