Oncidium Shary Baby ‘Red Fantasy’

 I purchased this Oncidium Shary Baby ‘Red Fantasy’ from Hausermann Orchids on October 29th.  They had many Shary Babys on their display floor, and they were all in bloom (and about 4 feet tall).  (I was focused on purchasing an Oncidium Sweet Sugar, which they also had, but found mealybugs in that part of the green house, and decided not to purchase one.)   The plants that they exhibited smelled great!

This Shary Baby has a single spike, and several new growths (in the middle of the plant), and was only $12 dollars.  I couldn’t pass it up.  I will spray it with insecticidal soap in a three-treatment program to make sure that it doesn’t have mealybugs, as it came from the same part of the greenhouse as the sweet sugars.

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