Orchid flask from Chris Johnson

IMG_2426I received a flask this week from Chris Johnson —Zygopetalum Redvale ‘Fire Kiss X Zygopetalum B.G. White ‘Stonehurst’ AM/AOS.  This is a Zygo hybrid that he has produced.  I should deflask these this next week.

I have several packages in the mail to help me out.  I ordered some specimen cups to plant them in, along with some orchid bark, spaghnum moss, and perlite.  I also got a humidity dome and a heating mat for the plants.

I communicated with Ray Barkalow about a technique where the entire flask is put into S/H, and pellets added to the mix as the agar is washed away with watering.  He also stated that one can plant directly into S/H.  I will probably try a combination of methods, and see what works.

Hope they work out, although I don’t know what I will do with 20 Zygos.

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