Deflasking Zygopetalum seedlings

IMG_2427I deflasked the Zygopetalum seedings this morning that I received from Chris Johnson.  There were 44 seedlings in the flask, and the procedure went well.  I used some RO water from my new tank, heated it on the stove, and mixed some small bark, perlite, and spaghnum moss as a medium, and planted the seedlings in some specimen cups.  They have been placed in a humidity tray, and are sitting on a warm pad.

I did consider deflasking directly into S/H, and had an email conversation with Ray Barkalow at FirstRays about this.  He recommends two methods:  one which you put the entire block of agar directly into S/H, and as the agar washes away with subsequent waterings, you backfill with LECA pellets, and one which you plant the seedlings directly into S/H.  Even though I grow extensively in S/H, I decided to do it the “conventional” way for my first effort.

Officiallly, the orchids is Zygopetalum Redvale ‘Fire Kiss X Zygopetalum B.G. White ‘Stonehurst’ AM/AOS.

We’ll see how it goes.  My objective is one.

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