Watering system is “almost” complete

IMG_2435This is the south end of my watering system, with the two valves to take water from the mixing tank (shown) and the RO water tank.  The Blueline pump is shown as is the 25′ hose, and the collection pail.

I experimented with the system yesterday, and after identifying several weak points ( i.e., leaks), I cemented all joints.  The pump unfortunately, is nearly off the platform, which works — but is not elegant.

Everything now seems to be working except for a couple of problems:

  • I have a leak in the 10-gallon mixing tank where the connection from the RO tank comes in.  I didn’t expect to have a leak here, as the connection was so tight.  Right now it is slow, and with my anticipated use of the mixing tank, it will only happen infrequently.  I will need eventually to disconnect the mixing tank, and fix this with some caulking.
  • My pump is too small.  I purchased the Blueline HD 20 pump, which looked good on paper, but it is not delivering the quantity of water I need to the upper shelf (the 32 oz pots can be filled, but the flow barely exceeds the exit flow from the pot, resulting in a very slow fill).  Thus, last night, I ordered a Blueline 40 HD pump, which has the same 3/4″ intake and will give me substantially more flow.
  • My hose is too short.  Even though my hose 25′ long, the curled nature of the hose makes it much shorter.  It cannot reach across the orchid room when the plants on the west shelf need to be watered (In this case, the hose needs to go under the center table so that no plants are “squashed”.   So last night, I ordered a 50′ hose.

I am pleased with this system.  I used some of the RO water from the big tank in my deflasking operations today.  I have an aquarium heater in this tank, and the water came out nice an warm (should be 78 degrees).

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