Watering System is now complete — and tested.

IMG_0850The watering system is now complete.

I first had to extend the base board and move the waste collection bucket.  Since the plumbing extended further than planned, I had to move the bucket, and the only place was in the center of the south wall.   This took a little redesign on the waste plumbing, but went very fast.

I then finished the plumbing for the RO water tank and the mixing tank, and connected everything up.  I immediately found out that the pump that I had acquired (Blueline 20HD) was to weak to pump the water all the way to the top shelf — at least with enough power to fill the pots.  Thus, I had to order a bigger pump (Blueline 40HD).  I also had to order a 50′ hose, as the 25′ one was too short to reach the plants on the east wall of the orchid room.

After acquiring the correct equipment, I put it all together, fixed a couple of leaks, and used it on the plants yesterday (Thursday).  It worked great.   It took much less time to water the plants, but used a little more water.  I also get a better flow in the trays, which is good.

Tonight, I cleaned everything up — using a bike hanger to hang the watering wand, and pinned all the electrical cords to the wall.  I also inserted the mixing pump in the mixing tank.

…and it works…  It should be a good addition to the orchid room, and let me maintain my plants in a much better way.

In addition, Edi and I like the RO water that we get at the sink.  An added benefit…

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