Systematic repotting of plants

Now that my watering system is complete, and working, I have started a systematic repotting of my plants.  In my orchid-growing infancy, I had been giving the plants too much fertilizer (probably twice as much as they should have), and the LECA pellets got a lot of salt on them.  Since the salt could not be leached from the LECA, it is necessary to repot many of my orchids.

I repotted a couple of small oncidiums, my Liparis Viridiflora, and my Psychopsis, and was encouraged that they had some new root growth next to the pseudo bulb.  But I also noticed the the root growth did not extend to the sides of the pot, nor to the bottom, where there was probably a toxic environment for the plant.  If I get the fertilization right, these new roots should create healthy plants.

I am soaking the old LECA pellets in a vinegar solution (one cup of vinegar per gallon of water). And I will let them soak for a month.  I then plan to dry the pellets, and then soak then in a FloraKleen solution, dry them again, and then prepare them in the usual way.  I think this ahsould get rid of the salt, and allow me to use the pellets again.

I will continue to repot my older orchids over the next few weeks.

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