Dendrobium Kingianum

IMG_0851-0I purchased this Dendrobium Kingianum at Trader Joe’s on November 21st.  I was surprised to see it there, as these orchids are sometimes hard to find.

From the website [my changes to their text]:

  • The Dendrobium Kingianum, recently reclassified as Thelychiton kingianus, grows  in Australia and is also called the Pink Rock Orchid. This orchid is a lithophyte — i.e., it grows on or among rocks.

  • This orchid will grow at any light level, but strong light is required for full potential. In low light levels this orchid will not bloom, a sign of adequate light is a red tinge to the leaves. If the foliage is very dark green, it means the orchid isn’t receiving enough light.

  • In the winter time, the Kingianum needs an extreme cool down in order to initiate flower spikes. If kept in temperatures over 50º F (10º C) in the winter time, blooming might be poor.

I will label this orchid with Dendrobium Kingianum, without trying to find the complete name.  This orchid has been hybridized so often, that there are too many that are similar, and I suspect that I could not be accurate with my choice.  I will also label it with my “red dot” with indicates that it needs a winter’s rest.

It is quite fragrant in the afternoons.

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