Repotting the orchids with old media

 I have been repotting many of my orchids lately.  This efforts was recommended by Ray Barkalow in an email exchange, where he recommended repotting the orchids to change out the “salty” pellets that had accumulated because of my over fertilizing the past few months.  There are about 15 orchids remaining — I have put green dots on the ones that need repotting.

In all the repotting, I have noticed that the plants have developed new roots lately — probably since I have been watering correctly (since late September).  I am hoping that they will all thrive now.

I have also refurbished my LECA pellets by

  • first soaking them in a vinegar solution (one cup of vinegar per gallon of water) for a couple of weeks
  • then soaking them overnight in a Florakleen solution (one teaspoon per gallon or water) for 24 hours
  • then flushed with clear water (I soaked overnight, then discarded the old water for new).  I did this three times.
  • then did an overnight presoak with one teaspoon of Epson Salts and one teaspoon of Calcium Nitrate
  • finally, an overnight soak with KLN rooting solution.

I will use the first of these pellets tomorrow in my repotting.  I hope that they work.

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