Inocucor Garden Solution

Inocucor.jpegI recently purchased a small bottle of Inocucor Garden Solution from  This solution places beneficial microorganisms into the soil to help the plant grow and thrive.  I used it when I repotted plants (which I have been doing because of my over-fertilizing efforts in the past), and have observed that several of the plants that were treated with this solution have been “drinking” a lot.

For example, my Dendrochilum Wenzelii ‘Red’ which I had purchased at Orchids in the Park in July was slowly dying.  It was hardly using any water, and the reservoir was almost full before each watering.  The canes were falling off — sometimes several per day.  After repotting and treating with Inocucor, this plant drinks the entire reservoir in three days, and I have not had any canes fall off.  I have other plants that have show a similar behavior.  I am not a plant specialist, and am unsure of the real reason behind the plant’s behavior, but will continue to use this solution when repotting.

I have also used it with my seedlings.  I used it as a spray in their early weeks, and now have included it in my weekly waterings.

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