Orchid Room Updates

NewSpike.JPGHaven’t posted for a while!  Not much was done during the holidays in the orchid room — but the plants kept developing…

  • My Wilsonara Michoacan ‘Mariposa’ is developing a new spike.  It had developed a healthy new growth over the past couple of months, and I was looking at the development of the new bulb today, and noticed a spike coming.  Only a single spike, but I believe that multiple spikes would be rare on this plant.


Picked up a noID Phalaenopsis from Nugget Market this past week.  I am a fan of “Spots”, and this one had purple spots on large flowers, and it was irresistible.  I expect that the flowers will last a couple of months, but it will be reluctant to grow because of the cold night temperatures in the orchid room (55 degrees or so).  But it is pretty.
Seedlings.JPGMy Zygopetalum seedlings are doing OK, but not great.  There are some that are doing well, but others look bleak.  I think I left them in the high humidity dome for too long, and did not dry them out.  I will get some survivors though.

I tossed my  Grammatophyllum Scriptum var. Kiilani this week.  It was a distressed plant from the time I received it — sending up a spike three different times, but never producing flowers.  Recently it had sent up another spike, but it appeared to be diseased, and I finally decided to take it out of the collection.  I would like to find another one.

We had the plumbers over today looking at our mystery leak behind the kitchen sink.  This first manifested itself as a leak from the dishwasher, and we thought we had it fixed.  However, when we plumbed the RO system, it reappeared whenever the RO system ran.  After over four hours looking at the problem, we all decided that we had a leak in the slab, and that they would have to re-plumb the cold water system.  Rats!




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