My Repotting Exercise is Done

I have finished the repotting of my entire collection (those orchids collected before September 15th).  This was because I had over-fertilized my orchids and most of the LECA had too much salt and was poisoning the pot environment.  I soaked the old LECA pellets in a vinegar solution for a month, then a Florakleen solution for 2 days, and then rinsed the pellets in fresh water for three days (changing the water daily).  I then soaked them for a day in Epson Salts and calcium nitrate, and then soaking for a day in fresh water and KLN rooting solution.

I then used these pellets in my repotting.

The side benefit is that I have a “refreshening” method for LECA pellets that I can use over and over.

The best roots belonged to the Dendrobium Fancy Lady ‘Royal Princess’ which sits in the southeast corner of the room on the bottom shelf.  The pot was nearly full of roots.  It was in a 16oz pot, and I repotted this into a larger 24oz pot.  It should like its new environment even better.  (I note that I am already seeing buds forming on this plant.)

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