Visited Gold Country Orchids

GoldCountryOrchids.pngI visited Gold Country Orchids yesterday, arriving at about 11:30AM and leaving about 2:30PM.  It was a good visit.  They have three greenhouses about 10 miles northeast of Lincoln CA, and they grow a large variety of orchids.  I first talked to these people at the San Jose Orchids Show last year, and they seemed to be focused on small cattleyas, but they had a wide variety of orchids (over 100 species and hybrids of dendrobium, for example).  I purchased three orchids, which I will detail in the next few posts.

Good local place for orchids, and I learned lots.

  • The dendrobium latouria (New Guinea Dendrobiums)  type does not need a winter’s rest.  This includes my “green flash” and “aussie chip”.
  • I noticed a large psychopsis in their intermediate greenhouse (the middle one).  It had about 10-12 spikes on it.  I was told that the spike will flower year after year, and should not be cut off.  (I unfortunately cut the spikes off my psychopsis.  Maybe that is why it is not doing well.)

…and I will go back.

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