Working on the Grow Lights

LED2.JPGMy grow light project is progressing.  I have purchased 4-1 red-blue LED strip lights.  They come in 3 meter lengths, and have about 60 lights per meter.  They also have a sticky back (which actually is not very long lasting), but can be adhered to a surface.  I have installed them on the bottom of the upper shelves (two strips per shelf) and on the ceiling, one strip on each of the four sides of the room.  I am going to use these as supplementary lighting for my orchid room, to give the plants more light in the dark days of winter, and to even out the lighting in this room.

LED1.JPGInstallation is messy, but going well.  I installed the lights using 1/2 inch PVC pipes as a backing for the strips.  Since the strips didn’t stick very well, I initially stuck them to a section of pipe, and then used clear cable ties to “permanently” affix them to the surface.  The pipes are mounted using snap clamps, so the lights can be easily snapped into place, and removed if necessary.  [I got this idea from a YouTube video on how to mount LED lights on ones house for christmas.]

SnapClamp.JPGI also purchased a 14″ x 14″ breaker box, which I mounted on the inside wall of the room near the ceiling (only place that had enough room for it).  I have two 12v power supplies (probably overkill), and am connecting #18 red-black wiring to the panel.  I have soldered red-black wiring to each strip light, have run 1/2″ PVC pipe around to hold the electrical cables, and am connecting the whole thing together now.  It am trying to make all connections waterproof.

It is a good project.  As is the case with any hobby project of mine, things must be assembled so that they can come apart if necessary.  This complicates things a bit, but is worth it.

Hopefully, the plants like it.

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