Angraecum Sesquipedale (‘Humongous’ x ‘Giant’)

AngraecumSes020315.JPGI purchased this Angraecum Sesquipedale (‘Humongous’ x ‘Giant’) from eBay vendor “Lucky Girl Orchids” on February 1, 2015, and it was delivered today.  It is a good quality plant, growing well.  It is in spike, and it looks like there will be more than one flower.

This is the famous “Darwin’s Orchid” from Madagascar, and according to, there are a few things to consider when growing this orchid [modifications are mine]:

These plants can get quite large; roughly 3 feet high is typical …, and leaves are roughly a foot long (30cm). The tips of the leaves are rounded, or may have a lobe on each side of the central crease. They have few roots, but they tend to be quite thick, and grip the supporting tree bark quite strongly. They hate to have their roots disturbed, so repot these orchids infrequently, or ideally never. Using a very coarse potting mix, if growing it in a pot, can help reduce the frequency of repotting, as can making sure the pot is large enough for the plant’s mature size. (They grow monopodially, so if the pot is big enough it will never be outgrown.) If you must repot it, give it a couple of weeks without water so the roots can heal before getting wet.

They like intermediate to high light, 2000-3000 foot candles or a bit higher. Cattleya light usually works well, but you might have to go a bit less if there’s sunburn. Phalaenopsis light is not enough.

They should fit my orchid room well.  I will wait until it is out of bloom before moving it to S/H.

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