Bulbophyllum Frank Smith ‘Vera Cruz’ HCC/AOS

Bulbophyllum020615I received this Bulbophyllum Frank Smith ‘Vera Cruz’ HCC/AOS from the raffle table at the Sacramento Orchid Society meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd.

I planted it into S/H on Thursday.  It was planted in spaghnum moss, and consisted of a two-bulb division and two back-bulbs.  The back bulbs were both rotting at the bottom, and I threw them out.  This two resulting bulbs seem quite healthy, although the roots were not that healthy.  There is a new growth coming, and developing nicely.

From the backbulbs blog:

Bulbophyllum Frank Smith is Bulbophyllum carunculatum xBulbophyllum lobbii. It has large reddish yellow flower with red lip and 3 to 4 flowers per stem.

From the Orchids in our Tropics website:

Bulbophyllums grow wet at intermediate to warm temperatures with bright light.

BulboFrankSmithFlower020615I will put it on the top shelf in a lesser light for a few weeks to let it acclimate.

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