Catasetum Experiments

Catasetum021516.JPGThere is conflicting information on the internet on how to give a winter’s rest to Catasetum-type orchids.

  • the S/H recommendation is to continue to water the plant throughout the winter months, but only use pure water.  The rationale is that the plants receive no fertilizer, and the rest from the fertilizer is what is really needed.
  • No water at all throughout the winter.  Only begin watering again when the new roots of the plant are two inches long.
  • Remove the plant from the medium.  Cut off all the roots and place on a dry spot.  No water throughout the winter (perhaps misting some if the plant’s bulbs shrivel).  In the spring, when the new roots are two inches long, the plant should be repotted.

All recommend cool temperatures.

I have four Catasetum-type plants so far (Cycnodes Wine Delight, Catasetum Frilly Doris, Catasetum Denticulatum, and Catasetum Penang), and am performing an experiment.  I am trying all three types of “winter’s rest” to see which works best for me.  The picture above is of my Cycnodes Wine Delight , on which I have cut off the roots completely, and placed in a dry cool environment. [Note:  I decided to use this plant because the nursery stated that it had not bloomed for them, and it appeared that they had just left it in the pot for the winter.]

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