Coelogyne Radicosa

Coelogyne021616.JPGI purchased this Coelogyne Radicosa from eBay vendor letstalkplants last week, and it arrived today.  A mature plant, it has four spikes, and a fifth spike coming.  This is a sequential bloomer, and one can see that some of the spikes have bloomed nearly 20 times.

Commonly known as the “many rooted Coelogyne”, it is found between 3,000 and 6,000 feet in the mountain highlands of Borneo, Mayalasia, and Thailand, and can be either an epiphyte or a lithophyte.  It is a successively blooming plant, and some report it staying in bloom continuously for over a year.

I first saw this plant at the February Sacramento Orchid Society meeting.  It was on the show-and-tell table, and I started looking for one immediately.  This plant is from the “Cindy Hill Vistamont Orchid” collections.  Coincidentally, this plant has the same purple tag with identical handwriting as the one at the Orchid Society meeting — certainly the same grower.

Culture information is difficult to find on this plant.  Coelogyne’s that grow at altitude seem to be all cool growers, and require a slight winter’s rest.  They do like bright light.

I will continue to find information on this fascinating plant.

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