Dendrobium Fancy Lady ‘Royal Princess’ is in bloom

 Dendrobium Fancy Lady ‘Royal Princess’ is in bloom.  I purchased this plant from an eBay vendor on March 15, 2015.  When repotting it into S/H, I noticed that it was two plants in the same pot.  I planted each one individually, placing them in the southeast corner of the orchid room on the bottom level.  These two plants had the best root structure of all my plants when I repotted them in December and January (because of my over-fertilizing problem).  I moved both of them from 16oz pots to 24oz pots.  Both plants currently have a few buds, and will get a few flowers this year.

This picture was taken with a flash.  It was necessary because of the bright morning background behind the plant.  The colors come out much more “vibrant” when using the flash.

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